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Hydraulic cylinder with integrated positions transducer

An analog compact sensor measures the position or displacement. The system enables high-precision non-contacting, absolute, wear-free displacement measurements. Utmost reliability is guaranteed for many years even in extreme ambient conditions. The position sensor system is used in controls for hydraulic tractor attachments, construction machinery, and the like.

Facts and figures on the sensor:

Gauge length 50 – 2500 mm

Magnetostrictive measuring principle

Absolute linear sensor, i.e. no approach to reference point or home position

Non-contacting, hence no mechanical wear
High precision: Linearity better than 0.04%
Repeat accuracy 0.005%
Direct position output for position: analog (current or voltage)
Supply voltage 12 and 24 VDC
EMC: Noise immunity to electrical RF fields up to 200 V/m
No interference with hydraulic fluid
Small footprint makes for easy installation

Upon request, also available with digital output and connection to bus systems (e.g. Profibus, canbus, etc.).

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